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Budgeting & Forecasting

iDU makes budgeting, forecasting, performance management and reporting tools to simplify financial management.

The flagship product, idu-Concept, provides easy, effective budgeting and financial reporting for medium-sized to large businesses. idu-Concept integrates easily with ERP software, but unlike more cumbersome offerings, idu-Concept can be implemented quickly, requires little or no ongoing consulting fees and reduces budgeting cycles from months to weeks.

idu-Concept can be deployed in the cloud and paid as a monthly subscription, or purchased outright and installed on a local server, based on the preference and needs of each business.

idu concept features

idu-Concept automates and streamlines the manual process of spreadsheet based budgeting, forecasting and reporting.

The web-based platform automatically captures data which in turn reduce the amount of time
users would need by manually creation of the information. 

The application allows users to access and capture and update the system in real-time.  

Budgets and forecasts can be captured against non-financial accounts such as headcount and square meters.

idu Concept accommodates numerous budget types including

  • Itemised Budgeting
  • Depreciation Budgeting
  • Grade and Employee Budgeting 
  • Activity Based Budgeting 
  • Project Based Budgeting 
  • Percentage and Dynamic Reallocations
  • Departmental Transfer Budgets
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