Cloud... Fast... Easy


Traditional cloud solutions are served through web browsers that offer limited operator capabilities. In addition, the traffic needs to be fast and powerful internet connections, because it must always complete screen content to be transmitted.  

Uniconta only installs a local client app that temporarily holds data. As a result, extremely small data packets are transferred and transactions are transmitted at the speed of light - regardless of the internet connection. 


Uniconta has specifically been designed for small and medium-sized companies which need fast access, security and a solution that is extremely easy to customize to their needs. 

Uniconta was developed specifically for the cloud - right from the beginning, without any legacy or restrictions from any legacy systems. A whole new approach that makes this enterprise solution so unique.

Easy to use ~ Designed for you

We live in a fast-paced era... just think about the technology changes since we had mobile devices. These days we need to spend time on making money and to run our business efficiently. Why work on old platforms and systems when you can pay a fraction of the cost for a finance system. In the past we had to pay for consultants to do training on products. Why work on a system that is so complicated that you need an expert to tell you how to run your business. Uniconta is easy to learn and easy to adapt to.

Make Uniconta your very own enterprise solution in the cloud. This is so easy because Uniconta seamlessly integrates with an existing IT environment and provides synergies with existing Microsoft technology. Third-party systems that you already have in use are easy to connect

AND if you want it to be unique, then Uniconta offers the ability to even change the standard version boxes, directories, and screens to your needs  . 

Uniconta Modules

General Ledger

Uniconta offers a multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency accounting system. Uniconta updates exchange rates automatically allowing transactions in Uniconta can be made in the local or a foreign currency at current rates of exchange. Build reports to manipulate the data and add unposted journal entries to see the result of these entries when reviewing the reports. Create pivot tables within Uniconta.


Uniconta has full sales workflow from quotations to sales orders and invoices via Uniconta’s built-in mailing system. Uniconta has built-in subscription management, so recurring invoices are sent on time. Create multiple invoice layouts and select the layout per customer.


Uniconta stores all master vendor information to provide a clear overview of all of vendor data. Invoicing for freight and duty charges can be distributed amongst the items my multiple means. Uniconta can import electronic UBL files received from vendors.


Manage financial and physical stock with the inventory module. Inventory levels for purchasing and sales management can be setup as minimum, maximum, purchase quantity and sales quantity. The logistics module is used for Bills of Materials (BOMs), Batch and Serial numbering and Unit conversion.


The Project module is fully integrated with the General Ledger, Customer, Vendor and Inventory modules.

Uniconta’s Project module allows users to get an overview of costs, revenue and hourly consumption on each individual project. These costs can be compared to the project budged and this results in a project management overview showing which projects are profitable and which projects are underperforming.


In Uniconta Production Orders can either be created from the production order module or from the sales order directly. The production order allows the user to view the production lines showing the materials to be used in production. These details are retained for future use and can be copied to create new orders.


The CRM module allows our users to create lists that categorize prospective customers, current customers and other contacts by their interests and products. This makes it easy to target your activities and marketing campaigns according to the company’s needs and requests. When creating e-mail lists, the user can then filter by products and interests.


Uniconta Dashboard is a powerful tool and comes with Uniconta. Creating powerful dashboards is an essential business tool. Uniconta Dashboard allows users to project any data within Uniconta so dashboards easily customised.

Try Uniconta

Changing financial systems is not always easy. Whilst we offer the use of Uniconta for 30 days free, to give you the opportunity to go through the product, rather book a demo with us and we will demonstrate how Uniconta can address the issues you are currently experiencing.