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In Uniconta we are responsible for the entire backend of the solution. Uniconta controls the software, the hardware and the performance. We control the upgrades, the debugging, the memory and the servers. We can upgrade the software automatically and fix the errors any time. You are guaranteed that we always do our best to make sure that your ERP is running properly.

Uniconta is a complete cloud based ERP system that provides efficient support for all of your financial processes. The system includes all the modules and functions you need for the optimal and competitive management of your business. Uniconta digitalizes your attachments. Uniconta is designed to meet your business needs and not vice versa. That’s because Uniconta provides you with a system that you can mold and adapt to suit you. Plus, you can always integrate our system with the systems that you already have. Uniconta’s add-on store offers a number of additional solutions that integrate with Uniconta and which you might find useful. Your auditor can, be granted access to your accounts at any time.

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