NAV Version Comparison

NAV has been around for a long time. The first development was created in 1984 which lead to the first version 'Navigator' in 1987. Navision started in 1990, NAV in 2005, and finally, the latest re-branding, Dynamics 365 Business Central on premise/hosted. It has come a long way, with each new version offering greater capabilities, innovative functionality and increasing benefits with revolutionary technologies. It started as the breakthrough for ERP software, and continues to transform, assist and benefit the way companies run their businesses.

With every new release it becomes increasingly difficult for customers to understand why the newest version is better than the previous one and why it is best to stay on top of upgrades.

Below is a comparison from Navision 4 to Business Central 2018. The list identifies new features that had been added to each version. Stay up to date with the latest and greatest functionalities that Dynamics has to offer to ensure your business retains at the top of the market.

Upgrade comparison documents by module:

Below is documentation which outline the functionality in each of the versions.

NAV 2013 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2013 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 1583.143 Kb
Type : pdf


NAV 2017 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2017 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 6604.804 Kb
Type : pdf
NAV 2013-R2 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2013-R2 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 14765.488 Kb
Type : pdf


NAV 2018 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2018 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 1582.129 Kb
Type : pdf
NAV 2015 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2015 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 8610.103 Kb
Type : pdf
NAV 2016 Product Overview.pdf NAV 2016 Product Overview.pdf
Size : 9847.785 Kb
Type : pdf

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