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Uniconta Founder Erik Damgaard on Uniconta’s expansion plans

CNBC Television FM/Business  / 18 February 2019

Uniconta Founder Erik Damgaard on company’s expansion plans CNBC Africa joined by a global leader in the digital software sector, software engineer and founder of Uniconta Erik Damgaard. Erik has been in the game for over thirty years in developing globally recognised ERP systems he joins us in the midst of his South African tour with big expansion plans.

Danish tech entrepreneur who sold his app to Microsoft for a billion dollars 

Kieno Kammies speaks to Erik Damgaard, the founder and CEO of Uniconta, a cloud-based Accounting and Business Management Solutions software. He sold his previous company to Microsoft for a cool US$1billion.

Digital transformation trends

Classic FM/Business  / 14 February 2019

Michael Avery's interview Erik Damgaard

Danish ERP entrepreneur sees gap incloud 


Uniconta founder Erik Damgaard is a Danish software engineer and entrepreneur who made international headlines when he sold his software company, Navision, to Microsoft in 2002 for EUR 1 billion. It became part of Microsoft Dynamics.

After turning his attention to other spheres, he has returned to the area he is most passionate about: building enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, but this time in the cloud, targeting a niche market that has been ignored by the traditional vendors and new cloud players alike.

"What about small businesses with five to 10 user installations? Where do they go?" he asks. "When it comes to ERP software, there's nothing in the cloud for them. There's high-end software and basic bookkeeping software, but nothing in the middle."

Damgaard was in South Africa recently to promote Uniconta and explain the rationale behind its development.


Erik Damgaard